Locker Room

Before games, in-between periods, and after games, the Penguins gather here in their locker room to prepare and strategize.

Player Lounge, Air Hockey

From September to the early summer months, Penguins players spend countless hours training and prepping for games. They deserve to have a little fun, too!

Player Lounge, TV

A space for decompressing and watching game footage is vital to players’ recovery and game strategizing.

Player Lounge, Table

Nutritional health is a key part of high performance. In the players’ lounge they have access to balanced meals and the dietary support they need for home games and on the road.

Player Lounge, TV to relax

Whether they’re here for athletic training purposes or waiting to depart for a big away game, the players have time to relax and enjoy a movie.

Training Room

Hockey injuries vary, and with the Penguins’ athletic trainers and physicians onsite at all games, they can count on the highest in quality care before, during, and after games.

Training Pool

Whether it’s pool therapy and strengthening or loosening muscles in a heated tub, the Penguins have access to the full gamut of athletic training needs to optimize performance and player health.